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How to Build A Buyers List WITHOUT Your Own Product!

So is a BRAND new site and it’s a way for me to get back into the Internet Marketing industry since I have been away for so long dealing with personal life issues.

I have many plans to populate this site with a bunch of valuable content from product reviews, freebies and other various training.

For now though I wanted to pull something from the archives (well only a year ago) which is a youtube video I did that teached a SUPER simple way to build a buyers list WITHOUT creating your own product.

This  is a strategy that is 100% still viable today and something that you can implement right away.

If you followed me before you know that one of the biggest things I am about in creating an online business is having what I consider the most important asset which is an email list.

When you build an email list you are creating a stream of income that you can tap into on demand.

Now that doesn’t mean that you forget that you are building a list of emails that belong to REAL people… so that means you need to always strive to treat them as you would and give real value…

…but when you build a list to 100, 500, 1000 and more then you are able to send out an email promotion with an affiliate product or your own product and make money each time you do so.

It is an asset that will bring in profits over and over again, not just one time and as long as you keep on building it then that is how you can scale very easily.

Now the most important kind of list you can have is what’s called a buyers list.

This is a list of people that you know has purchased something… whether from you or through you (an affiliate offer).

With these kinds of list, you know they already purchased something so they are more likely to do it again, which makes the chance of getting sales even higher!

It’s a beautiful thing, but one of the primary ways of building a buyers list is by creating your own product.

But this is something that scares a lot of people, especially newbies… because they have never created a product before.

Now I will get into creating your own product and the benefits of it in another video and/or post, but in the video above you are going to learn a super simple strategy that will allow you to build a buyers list WITHOUT needing your own product.

So its PERFECT for newbies and even experienced marketers alike.

Hope you Enjoy!

To YOUR Success,

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