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[Facebook Mastermind] Email Followup & Marketing Tips

Hey everyone!

So a member in my FB Mastermind Group mentioned that something he struggles with is turning leads into sales and needed to learn the art of email marketing.

I responded to him with my thoughts and tips on followup up with your list and thought it would be good to share with everyone who might be building a list.

Daniel’s original statement:

“Getting my leads to convert into sales. Email marketing is definitely an art I need and want to learn to get better at. All the gurus make it seem so easy like just get leads and your email follow up sequence will close sales for you.” -Daniel Murphy

My response:

Email marketing is “Simple” but not necessarily “Easy”. The concept it simple. As you say, build the list and followup. Obviously it’s not THAT simple because you need to know how to followup.

Automated followup sequences have their place, but I never like to solely rely on them. You want to transition into live broadcast as soon as possible as this is the best way to connect with your subscribers. It shows you are a real person, allows to talk about relevant info, etc…

You also want to find the balance between selling and value. You SHOULD strive to email every day. The goal is to to train your subscribers to be used to seeing your emails. Mail every day and be consistent. If people don’t like it, they will unsubscribe which is perfect. You only want people interested in your emails anyway.

I like to always give a call to action in every email as well. The obvious call to actions are when you are selling something, like your pwn product or an affiliate offer. But when you aren’t selling invite them to like your FB page, YT channel (both great for brand building), send them to a helpful resource, article, etc…

If you can create a CTA of some sort that benefits your brand or bottom line… do it.

Lastly, affiliate marketing to your list is the easiest way to get started making money with your new leads and in general as well.

I personally don’t like promoting new affiliate offers every day. It burns your list out and doesn’t show them that you are fully backing the offers. I like to pick an offer to promote and mail about it over the course of 3 – 5 days.

Shows them you back the product and also it takes some people more than one time to see an offer to make the decision to buy. Plus sometimes they miss your earlier emails.

Bonus Tip: Offer bonuses when promoting affiliate offers… it will definitely increase conversions.

So there are some of my thoughts and tips about following up with your list 🙂 Hope it helps!

Branden Pierce

DISCLAIMER >> I sometimes have a bad habit of overusing the word “You”, but this in now way referring to the specific person I reply to. Its more about the general public and the position of a person in the situation being discussed


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