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Money Monstr Review – Worth Buying? Let’s find out!

Welcome to my Money Monstr Review!

Money Monstr is a brand new course created by a guy named Anthony Manusco.

He has teamed up with two well known and high reputable guys in Trevor Carr and Paul Nichols to get this course to the market.

I’ve gone through the course myself so now I am here to give you everything you need to know to decide if this is a good purchase for you.

If you do ending up picking it up, you will get some awesome bonuses from me which you’ll find below.

The Money Monstr claim…

Money Monstr Review


So is it all true? Is it worth your money? Let’s find out now…

My Full Money Monstr Review + Bonuses


Click Here at 10am EST on Tuesday November 28th to get an Earlybird discount on Money Monstr along with my specials bonuses!



Click Here at 10am EST on Tuesday November 28th to get an Earlybird discount on Money Monstr along with my specials bonuses!


New Bonus Added!

(See Bottom Of Page)


What is Money Monster?

Money Monstr is a full, over-the-shoulder video training course create by Anthony, who is ACTUALLY doing this method being taught and getting REAL results. He earns about $2,500 – $3,500 per month passively from this method.

Money Monstr is a unique strategy that Anthony has developed OUTSIDE of the Make Money Online niche, that generates “monster assets” that local business pay him for time and time again.

The beauty of this business model is the businesses NEED what Anthony provides for them, and they’re literally throwing money at him in return for them. Plus, once he’s built his Monstr…the rest is on auto pilot.

Money Monstr Review

Sales Page Smackdown

As part of my Money Monstr Review I like to debunk any false promises or over-hyped claims (if any) so you know exactly what is possible and if it’s worth spending your money for.

Let’s go over the headline first:


No More BS! This FLAT OUT WORKS! This Course REALLY WILL Show You…

How to Pull in $100 to $200 Per Day!

With the Start From Scratch, Newbie Friendly, Passive Income Generating Monster!


I am okay with this headline for a few reasons.

  1. In my opinion this really isn’t a BS course like you see more and more nowadays. It shows you a method that is not in the typical MMO niche and it’s one that hasn’t really been in any products that have been mass launched that I have seen.
  2. “Hot to pull in $100 to $200 per day isn’t some CRAZY claims like make $465.34 in 5 minutes. It’s a doable and realistic goal and income to make. They don’t try to claim you will make this in any amount of time, which I like.
  3. This honestly is a good course and method that fits well for newbies who are starting from scratch. It’s not your “usual” solo ads, yt videos, product creation or any of that. It’s different and can really create a nice passive income.

So they are very honest and truthful with this headline, which gets a thumbs up here.

As for the rest of the sales page, you will see a lot of income screen shots with various amount’s of amounts/profits.

What’s great is that these are VERIFIED screenshots that Anthony has actually made and not only that, he made them from the actual method being taught inside the course.

Lastly, you will see the claim of “Free Traffic”… many vendors out there aren’t always 100% honest about this… but after going through the course, it is free traffic that Anthony teaches.



Top Features of Money Monstr

100% Newbie Friendly – Don’t mistake this for being easy and you’ll make $200 overnight. This does require some work on your part. It’s not hard, but put in some time and effort and you can get great results!

No previous experience required –  You honestly need no prior experience to get started with this. You’ll learn all you need in the course.

Genuinely earn $100 – $200/day – No overnight, but can most certainly get there if you take daily consistent action. But this isn’t a hyped filled product with some half ass, re-hashed method. It’s different, not in the MMO niche and actually works.

Uses 100% Free Traffic – Unlike some other products, this is true. So this helps keep you investment to a minimal.

Passive Income Opportunity – That’s the beauty of this method. These sales aren’t just one time profits… they come in month after month.


What’s The Upgrades?

There are 3 upgrades you can get with this. Below I will tell you about them and also let you know which ones I recommend.

NOTE: Look for discounts on these upgrades near the beginning of the launch to save you some money.

Upgrade #1  Advanced Strategies & Tactics $27
Advanced SEO, Organic Traffic & Money Getting Strategies The Pros Use That Will Fast-Track Your Success and Give You an ‘Unfair-Advantage’ Over Your Competition. 4 Video Training Course.
** TOP RECOMMENDED – To Scale Results**

Upgrade #2 –  The Money Monstr Rolodex $37
The information contained in this Rolodex is absolutely priceless! It has taken me over 3 years of spending my own money and going through ‘trial by fire’ testing out good outsourcers and gigs vs. the bad ones
** TOP RECOMMENDED for Fast Tracking Results**

Upgrade #3 – $67
The Licence Rights to the WHOLE Funnel at 100%. The buyer gets to promote Money Monstr and keep 100% of the commissions throughout the entire funnel. Like having their own a product, this “Business in a Box” offer will save the buyer from months of work and tons of money.


My Special Bonuses

This Money Monstr Review comes with some special bonuses if you pick up Money Monstr either through the link above or below!

Bonus #1 How To Pick The Perfect Niche
Inside the course there is a section where Anthony will teach you how to pick the right niche but I wanted to add on to that. I did some research for you and created a doc that shows you exactly how to pick the perfect niche for best results.

Bonus #2 – LLG Cheat Sheet
In this LLG Cheat Sheet I have compiled various video resourced for you to helps get better results with Money Monstr. This will help leave no gaps or holes on what this method is and how to implement it for the best results.

Bonus #3 – YT Cheatsheet
First let me make it clear that Money Monstr is not about using YT in any way. BUT… you can use YT as an additional traffic generation strategy for the MM method. If you would like to, I’ve created a cheatsheet for you to help you. This is optional but makes things more flexible for you and you can never have enough ways to generate traffic.

NEW BONUS! – FREE Access To New Casestudy/Method/Training
This one will be awesome for you! I am currently working on a new method that has been getting good results and I am going to create a case study/training around it. This is something that I WILL be selling, not sure if to the mass market or exclusively to my list… BUT you will get FREE access to it and will not have to pay whatever price tag I put on it.
>>> Available for the next 24 hours ONLY! <<<

Bonuses are LIMITED & will expire to keep them exclusive to Action Takers Only!


Final thoughts…

So what is the final Verdict?

Well first, make sure you watch my full Money Monstr Review in the video at the top of this page.

Inside that I go over my review in more detail so you can learn everything you need to know to make the decision to buy Money Monstr or not.

But in the end, I conclude that Money Monstr is worth getting.

The method is not a MMO method, it’s not rehashed garbage and it’s based off real results from a person actually profiting with the method.

It’s takes some time and effort on your part. Results will not happen overnight, but you should be happy about that!

Why? Because that means it’s a REAL method. Not over hyped crap. If you want a real business, you have to do some work.

Well that is all for this Money Monstr review! Please tell my when you think in the comments below 🙂


Click Here at 10am EST on Tuesday November 28th to get an Earlybird discount on Money Monstr along with my specials bonuses!


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To YOUR Success,

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