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State of IM + Why Most Fail + How To NOT Fail Anymore… [Facebook Mastermind]

Inside one of my private mastermind groups, there was a question brought up by one of the members and it was a really good question, so much so that I wanted to share my response here on my blog.

This was a response to member Nick Everest in the group that I think everyone can benefit from reading! It’s about taking action to get your desired results!

Nick’s original statement:

“I can certainly relate to that. However I have found through indulging my shiny object syndrome that information is not always conflicting. I believe that when one or more reputable vendors are approaching similar subjects in congruent ways this has to be a pointer that there really is something in what they are saying. So I am delighted to find a degree of overlap between Ignition and a couple of other products I have purchased. So I am looking forward to following Branden’s course whilst staying aware of other information I have to hand – and hopefully, since Ignition appears to have lit my fuse and I am finally taking focussed action on something…”

My response:

No problem Nick! I happy to hear that you are loving Ignition so far and ready to take action. See that is the downfall for most newbies and people struggling to get results online.

I know it’s a bit of a cliche and people are always tired of hearing “Take Action” but it really it the #1 factor on whether or not you get results online.

Too many people pick up course after course, quickly go through it (most cases just skim through it) and do nothing with.



Yes, there are quite a few courses that get released that end up being low quality and half-assed. It’s not always easy to weed these out but unfortunately it’s something that will always happen in this industry.

Eventually customers will stop buying products from these type of vendors and these vendors will just whittle away.

There are MANY products out there that are solid through. Provide good information that if you take action can yield results.

But many people do nothing and in turn get nothing. Then blame the vendor or product for their own failures.

Some courses are good but may leave out some information here and there. But most likely there is another course you purchased that fills that gap.

So you want to take all products you have and combine the knowledge you get from all of them.

It’s okay to buy multiple courses if you are approaching it in this manner.

There is a lot of HYPE out there but just gotta try your best to figure out what is legit and what it not.

This is a RESULT based business.

People only want to know what kind of results they can get and how fast they can get them.

This has forced vendors to market more like this in order to capture the attention of their target audience.

It has certainly gotten a bit out of control for sure, but you can definitely take back some control and find the vendors putting out solid courses and products, buy more from them when they release new ones and then stay away from the ones that are clearly just trying to make a buck.

But in the end, daily and CONSISTENT action is what needs to happen in order to get results.

So this in combination with setting small obtainable goals and you will naturally get to the coveted $100+/day mark.

There is no quick, overnight success.

No full time income overnight with no work.

If you want to create a REAL business that makes you money every day, month and year and allows you to have time freedom and the ability work from home… you must be willing to dig in and put in the work.

Then overtime, it gets easier and easier and less work involved.

DISCLAIMER >> I sometimes have a bad habit of overusing the word “You”, but this in now way referring to the specific person I reply to. Its more about the general public and the position of a person in the situation being discussed

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To YOUR Success,
2 Responses
  • Mitzy
    November 17, 2017

    I agree there are lots of good products out there. The way I see it, if you waste $10 here or there on a bad product it doesn’t matter because when I strike a good one I get so much more value from it than the dollars spent as a consumer. And over time you definitely get to know the good product creators.

    • Branden Pierce
      November 26, 2017

      Very true Mitzy 🙂

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